CPSP was launched in 2014 with 10 primary schools, supported by seed funding from the DfE. During our DfE-funded period there were 4 strands to the partnership:

  1. CPD subject enhancement sessions on tricky concepts in science
  2. termly meetings for science subject leaders to discuss good practice and other issues
  3. half-day planning bespoke sessions for science subject leaders
  4. science workshops for teachers in schools

The termly meetings continue as do CPD sessions. Please contact us if you have a particular request. In addition, the Saturday masterclasses (Saturday Smarties) for year 5&6 pupils continue, and labs at King's are available for teachers to use for science lessons on Tuesday afternoons and at Junior King's on Wednesday afternoons. We are also happy to lend equipment to schools for certain topics and are developing a Nature Trail for school and community use at Junior King's.

In 2016 we joined with the science section of Canterbury Teaching Alliance, expanding to 18 schools. Now that CTA is no longer active we have re-launched CPSP with a renewed programme and our partner schools now consider it a go-to local source of mutual science support.

The 18 primary schools currently in the CPSP are:

Bridge & Patrixbourne
Lynsted & Norton
Milstead & Frinsted
Pilgrim's Way
St. John's
St Peter's
St Thomas'

Initial press release that was released for partner school websites/parent newsletters:

If you would like to know more about the partnership, please contact the Head of Partnerships at